Island 2016

A photograpy journey to Southern Iceland with Magnus Lindbom and Creative adventures

Our first night was spent near Stoksnes on the far south east coast. The first morning we visited the black sands at Jökullsárlón just before sunrise

Beautiful clear ice formations gave magical images when photographed close-up


As the sun rose the colours slowly changed

Behind the beach was the glacial lagoon of the Breidarmerkull glacier

The trip continued with a long steep drive on a rough potholed dirt track, a so called  F road, ( These roads are only supposed to be used by 4×4 vehicles) to the glacier called Skállafellsjökull. The scenery was amazing

In the afternoon we continued to Hoffelsjökull where the views were more sombre with  brown water, dark mud and blue ice formations

The last destination for the day was at Stoksnes. By this time the weather had worsened to heavy rain together with strong winds. This made for difficult photographing conditions and a near impossibility to keep  lenses free from raindrops. In the direction of the black sand dunes the wind was behind the camera which was a bit more forgiving


In the other direction towards the mountains which is the expected iconic view of this place shooting was far more demanding. After a short break in the heavy rain and a bit of photoshop intervention most of the raindrops were removed. The shot was not the best but serves at least to show the view

On the second day we moved our base to a charming guest house in Hrifunes. This was a good starting point for day trips into the highlands.

The first stop after revisiting Jökullsárlón was Fjallsárlón. The sun was quite high so shooting conditions were not ideal but the views were magnificent


After a short stop at Svinfallsjökull we drove up to a waterfall called Fagrifos

The week continued with a drive into the black lava sands of Maellifellssandur. It was a vast expanse of lava sand more like a moon landscape!



The rest of the morning was spent at Oldufel vattenfall, The main attraction was a large waterfall with several small falls in the area. The sun had now come up and the conditions were not ideal but improved as soon as some cloud formations appeared

The following morning took us to  enjoy the sunrise on the  coast at Dyrholaey, the home of  iconic sea stacks


Lunch and afternoon were spent at Nauthúsagil canyon. This entailed a long walk into the narrow canyon through deep running water and climbing  over steep slippery boulders with the help of ropes and some pushing and shoving from Magnus!


The next day started with a long drive through the highlands to Landmannalaugur. This entailed a long hike and climb along a river and up into the higher areas past sulfur fuming rock formations. The final climb, after several expletives, showed us a magnificent view as reward


On the drive home the weather worsened and the landscape was covered in a thin coating of snow. Together with the black lava sand and green vegetation it made a fantastic colour combinaton

The last day was started with an early morning trip to another deep, narrow gorge at Fjadrárglúfur. This time we hiked up along the edge of the gorge to look back towards the ocean

The final revenue was Langisjór lake west of vattnajökul

This rounded off an exciting week with spectacular scenery


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