A collection of photographs taken at various locations in Skåne during 2017 and 2018


Water lillies and gushing water at Maltesholm

Mystical twisted beech trees in the magic forest in Torne Hällestad near Lund

The waterfall at Forsakar

Spring and early autumn by the rushing waters of Mjöån in Åbjer national park at Östra Sönnarslöv

Reflections and summer flowers at Haväng

Brantevik with the Priest’s bath tub (prästens badkar) and vårhallarna near Kivik

Early fall in Söderåsen national park

Summer flowers form Simrisängar and Drakemölla

Trollmalen and Gubbmalen at Kullaberg on the north west coast

Oak and birch trees from Kågeröd

Waterfall and beech trees from Stackedala and Fylledalen

Stone walls and reflections in the neighbourhood  of Jämshög near småland

and finally winter from Furuboda and mjöån