A photography journey in Andalusia with   Diego Lopez of Wildphotoescape and Patrik Larsson

The journey started near Tariffa with a visit to the cliffs at Punta del Guadalmeis. The view was spectacuar with the coast and mountains of Marocco as back drop.

Colourful plants and porous rocks everywhere


_E3A0664-Redigera    _E3A0669-Edit


The next morning was spent in Parque Natural Los Alcomocales

Everywhere was lush and green after plenty of rain and morning fog











The next morning on the coast at Faro de Trafalgar


_E3A0752-Redigera    _E3A0755-Redigera

The evening once again at Punta del Guadalmeis with a wonderful blue hour


_E3A0769-Redigera   _E3A0770-Redigera

Wednesday morning sunrise at the beach


Followed by a visit to Parque Natural Del Estrecho with  gushing waterfalls, wonderful trees

_E3A0830-Redigera   _E3A0850-Redigera

and of course  magnificent cork oaks!


Wednesday evening, arrival at the white village of Grazalema

Tucked 1000m high in the Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema


Breathtaking views from the Sahara look out point



A magical evening walk in the ”Trollskog” at Llanos del Campo



_E3A0902-Redigera   PSX_20160513_112025-02

Sunrise at Sahara


A drive through the farmlands of El Comonil

_E3A0945  _E3A0947

_E3A0949  _E3A0950

A short stop at the stork sanctuary at Donana


Finally arriving at the mining town of Nerva by the Rio Tinto

The final day at the Rio tinto mine and evening further down the river

Morning mist in the mine


Coloured sands and rivulets

_E3A1054  _E3A1050

Strange shapes and swirls

_E3A1056   _E3A1083

Typical Rio Tinto red

_E3A1120  _E3A1133

Fabulous rock patterns

_E3A1137-Redigera   DSC_0386-01-01-01-01



The evening further down the Rio Tinto

_E3A1172  _E3A1174

DSC_0388-01   _E3A1183

The end of a wonderful journey









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